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Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010

The Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010 held in and around Amsterdam on 23-26 March 2010, featured the world’s largest, most varied and extensive demonstrations of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies and applications. CVIS was co-organiser with the SAFESPOT and COOPERS EC-funded projects of this unique event that presented the final results of Europe’s cooperative systems research programme. 

The Showcase combined on-road demonstrations, a dedicated conference and an exhibition in its own hall, all in conjunction with the Intertraffic trade fair at RAI congress centre.

CVIS was in charge of two main demonstration areas - the Public Road Tour and the Cooperative Traffic Management Centre at the exhibition. CVIS was also co-organiser of the Cooperative Mobility Conference 2010.


The Public Road Tour (PRT) demonstration was the most complex integration of CVIS technologies and applications at any test site so far. It combined 21 applications and technology scenarios coming from 12 CVIS partners. 3 SAFESPOT and 4 COOPERS applications were also included on a tour of about 60 minutes. Eleven minivans were equipped over the space of only 56 hours. More than 1000 visitors, including delegates, press and VIPs have seen the demonstrations.

Cooperative Traffic Management Centre (CTMC) of the future


A theatre show was presented four times a day for up to 70 visitors each time, where two actors compared the traffic situation now and in 10 years, explaining how traffic managers will make use of cooperative systems.

State-of-the-art TMC equipment was continuously displaying different views of the traffic situation, such as a map-based online traffic state, Road Tour mini bus positions together with current speed limits and VMS information, other dynamic presentations of cooperative applications and a live video stream to the safety demonstration site.

Cooperative Mobility Conference


CVIS, together with SAFESPOT, COOPERS and the EC, prepared an comprehensive programme, which was attended by a large audience of 550 delegates during all three days.

The theme was the final results of the EC R&D programme and deployment.


On the opening day, a speech was broadcast from Ms Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, in which she stressed how cooperative systems bring us a step closer to European sustainability and safety goals in the transport domain; and thanked COOPERS, CVIS and SAFESPOT projects, which made it happen, for their excellent work.

The rest of day 1 was dedicated to round tables that set out the public policy challenges for cooperative systems while industrialists responded with their vision of cooperative system solutions and users presented the need for applications that deliver real value for them.
On day 2, the key results of the three IPs were presented while on the final day, deployment enablers, barriers and needs were the main topic of discussion in several panel sessions.

i&CDrive - Connecting vehicles with infrastructure


For the first time, CVIS was part of a dedicated exhibition within the new “Cooperative Mobility” thematic area at Intertraffic. At the 20th edition of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2010, over 800 exhibitors from more than 40 different countries - with virtually the entire top 50 global concerns in attendance - showed a comprehensive overview of the latest industry trends and developments.

The Cooperative Traffic Management Centre (CTMC) was the exhibition centrepiece with CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS stands on one side and the registration desk for the Public Road Tour on the other.

Seven CVIS project partners had stands in this i&CDrive exhibition area; another 15 project partners had a stand at Intertraffic, where they also presented results of CVIS.

“Impressive” was the overall feedback that we have received from external visitors, delegates and VIPs. The combined demonstration tours, including the safety demonstration area coordinated by SAFESPOT, were well appreciated by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and European Commission, who congratulated the project teams for this tremendous effort that was not part of their original contract.


The CTMC was the busiest spot at the i&CDriveexhibition and attracted many regular Intertraffic visitors. In total, around 1000 people joined one of 200 Public Road Tours, while around 600 visitors watched the theatre demonstrations.


We have achieved an extensive and very positive visibility in press, television and radio.

With more than 20 nodes and ITS stations concentrated in one location and integrated with 7 different legacy systems, the partners already got a taste of the complexity facing deployment of cooperative systems.

With the Showcase, the project has achieved its objectives and accomplished its mission to prove the concept of cooperative systems.

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