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ITS World Congress Stockholm Demonstrations - Closed Track

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In order to be able to demonstrate cooperative safety applications, interoperability between the three integrated projects on cooperative systems (CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS) and allow a larger audience to experience the cooperative world, a large parking area was turned into a closed demonstration track. The effort and resources were rather significant. A stand (figures 1, 4) with place for 50 people was built up, a demonstration control room (figure 2) set up and a road (two lanes in one direction and one lane back) were set up.


Figure 1 Finalised set-up of the closed demonstration track Figure 2 Demonstration control room

There were three types of sessions presented: the Interoperability session (showing cooperation between CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS); the Efficiency session (presenting only CVIS applications); and the Safety session (presenting only SAFESPOT applications). Each session was presented three times per day and lasted approximately 20-30 minutes.

During each session a number of supporting things were presented at the three large screens in front of the audience (figure 3). Live video streaming from the vehicles, traffic management centre or fleet operators back end views, or drivers HMI were typically things shown.


Figure 3 Visitor view incl. 3 large screens Figure 4 Stand at the closed demonstration track during a morning session

In addition to this visual support, a host presented the scenario, explaining what the benefits of and challenges for cooperative systems are, what will be seen in the scenario and what audience was seeing on the screen.


Due to the complexity of daily running more than 15 different applications multiple times (approx 40-50 application demonstrations/day) and for supporting the visual/audio presentation to the audience (choosing which live stream to show when), an entire control centre was set up (figure 2).


The vast majority of the audience was pleased with the demonstrations and wanted to learn more about the projects. The best opportunity for that was some 20 metres from the stand, in the cooperative tent.

In the close vicinity of the stand and the main driving area at the closed track a 72m2 tent  was set up. In the tent the three integrated projects presented their work through posters, videos, brochures and prototypes (figures 6, 7, 8, 9).


 Figure 6 The cooperative tent, where approximately 40% of the area presented CVIS  Figure 7 The cooperative tent, where approximately 40% of the area presented CVIS
 Figure 15 Registration desk

 Figure 16 The finalists in front of their posters

As the visitors entered the tent they found CVIS on the left side, COOPERS on the right and SAFESPOT in the lower end of the tent next to the registration desk, where all registrations for public road tours and closed track demonstrations were done. The CVIS part contained the four Application Innovation Contest finalists presenting their work through posters and simulations, while the rest of the CVIS space presented project technologies and applications mainly through two metre high stand-up posters. 




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