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ITS World Congress Stockholm - European Commission Stand

The related chapter from the detailed report can be downloaded here ()


Figure 1 The truck cooperative simulatorTo complement the other demonstrations and to be the place to attract people from the Congress exhibition to the outdoor demonstrations, CVIS and SAFESPOT jointly developed part of the European Commission stand. The main element of this CVIS station was the cooperative truck (figures 1, 3), where visitors had an opportunity to test drive (figure 2) several cooperative applications in a simulated environment and to learn about cooperative systems from the cooperative wall. In addition to the truck (cooperative vehicle), other cooperative elements, such as an interactive traffic signal and a road side unit were present at the stand.


Figure 2 The truck cooperative simulator Figure 3 The truck cooperative simulator

As can be seen from the pictures, a special podium was built on the back of the truck. On this podium three main elements were present, cooperative wall, two brochure racks (one from CVIS and one from SAFESPOT) (figure 5) and a joint road side unit were present.





The cooperative wall (figure 4) presented two CVIS application videos, two SAFESPOT videos, one representation of the Local Dynamic Map and one screen presenting an all-EU traffic management centre.


Figure 4 Cooperative wall Figure 5 CVIS and SAFESPOT brochures

In addition, two large posters were attached on the side of the truck; one representing CVIS (figure 6) and one SAFESPOT. Both project posters presented general project objectives, project partners, duration, and budget and addition key information. The CVIS poster can be seen hereunder. A large-scale copy can be downloaded here ().

The stand was manned by a joint team from CVIS and SAFESPOT, who were able to explain and discuss everything from the projects’ benefits to technical issues to deployment challenges cooperative systems are facing.

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