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Active safety systems in conjunction with infrastructure based roadside equipment and measures


ADASE II is a thematic network that integrates international, national and regional activities in the field of Active Safety and Advances Driver Assistant Systems. ADASE II investigated new paths for European transport systems. Besides safety related aspects ADASE II offers the basis for improved interfaces to other transport modes and profitable additional applications and services such as smart travel advice, tele-commerce, in-car entertainment, mobile office support etc.


To achieve its aims ADASE covers a comprehensive range of activities. Its detailed objectives are:

  • to use the state-of-the-art knowledge to generate corresponding road maps and guidance
  • to facilitate the information exchange within the cluster of projects related to ADA systems and transport
  • to organise in-depth expert workshops on selected topics
  • to disseminate the resulting findings and information to all relevant users and user groups and the general public.

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