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Consensual functions and systems improving transport efficiency


This four-year research initiative supported by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education brings together 28 partners - automobile manufacturers and suppliers, electronic, telecommunication and software companies as well as research institutions, with the goal of improving both traffic safety and traffic flow by developing novel driver assistance systems and solutions for efficient traffic management, including V2V and V2I communication for cooperative vehicle applications.


The initiative AKTIV consists of 3 projects:

    The major objective of the AKTIV-AS project is application oriented research work for active safety, based on the promising results of the previous research initiative INVENT; prototypes for different left open challenges, such as emergency braking, continuous lateral control, intersection assistance and vulnerable road users, will be developed and tested for real traffic situations.
    Interaction between intelligent vehicle systems and intelligent infrastructure units is the objective of the AKTIV-VM project. New modes of co-operation between automotive industry, road network operators and the ICT sector will be created. The 6 AKTIV-VM applications combine traffic and information centres, road-side infrastructure and intelligent vehicles in a novel manner.
  • CoCar
    The CoCar project aims at basic research for V2V and V2I communication for future cooperative vehicle applications using cellular mobile communication technologies. Five partners out of the telecommunications and automotive industry develop platform independent communication protocols and innovative system components for supporting cooperative, intelligent vehicles, which will be prototyped, implemented and validated in selected applications.

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