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Modeling Engineering Information for automotive software development


ATESST2 is a two-year EC-funded project started in July 2008.


Advanced automotive functions are increasingly dependent on software and electronics. These embedded systems are becoming increasingly complex and critical for the entire vehicle. This is even more so for functions that interact between vehicles and between vehicle and infrastructure.


New techniques and methodologies that support cost-efficient development, verification and validation (V&V), including efficient field-operational tests, are required to exploit the new opportunities. ATESST2 will contribute to bridging the gap between cooperative systems and enabling design and verification technologies. It will provide means to integrate the engineering information from documents, spreadsheets and legacy tools into one systematic structure, a System Model.

The basis of the project is the architecture description language EAST-ADL2, developed in the ATESST project. The language provides an information structure and ontology that makes the development of stand-alone automotive embedded systems more systematic and predictable. In ATESST2, the EAST-ADL2 modeling approach will be further extended and new results will be provided to support development and V&V of cooperative active safety systems.


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