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Communicating cars to improve driving safety


The Car2Car Communication Consortium is a non-profit organisation initiated by six European car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Renault and Volkswagen) with aim to develop a open industrial standard for inter-vehicle communication to ensure pan-European interoperability, using wireless LAN technology (WLAN IEEE 802.11 standards).


The technology behind inter-vehicle communication is based on wireless multi-hop communication: If the distance between the sender and receiver exceeds the wireless range, data is relayed by intermediate vehicles (hops). The vehicles create a self-organising ad-hoc communication network.


The Car2Car Communication Consortium is dedicated to the objective of further increasing road traffic safety, by reducing the number of accidents as well as reducing the impact in case of non-avoidable accidents, and efficiency of road traffic by improving traffic flows and mobility. V2V communication will be integrated into cars' existing telematics platform, with potential applications in three areas:

  • advanced driver assistance
    Active safety applications (hazard warning in the event of accidents or traffic jams)
  • decentralised floating car data
    Traffic information (traffic jam warning, dynamic route planning on the basis of up-to-date traffic status information)
  • user communications and information services
    Local information (places of interest, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants) 

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