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Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications

C2R LOGOCOM2REACT will establish a multi-level, scalable cooperative system involving two-way vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to center (V2C) communication, which will facilitate significant improvements in the flow of information acquired by moving vehicles, its quality and reliability, thereby enhancing road efficiency and traffic safety on urban, intercity arterials, and rural roads.


A key feature of COM2REACT is a virtual traffic control sub-centre, which controls a moving group of vehicles in close proximity. The virtual sub-centre (VSC) functions locally via the V2V communication system, processing data acquired by the vehicles and rapidly providing instructions related to local traffic and safety situations. It also transmits, by way of V2C communication, selective data to RCC and receives, in return, instructions to distribute to the vehicles. The role of VSC is set, unnoticeable by the driver, to one of the vehicles in the group according to rules imbedded in all COM2REACT vehicles.


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