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Guidelines for the development and assessment of system architectures and a system architecture analysis tool


The Framework IV Telematics for Transport project CONVERGE-System Architecture (TR 1101) had a number of tasks to provide advice to the demonstrator projects on the production and assessment of their system architectures.


The aims of CONVERGE - System Architecture can be summarised as follows:

  • To promote System Architecture in the Transport Telematics Programme by:
    -  providing common guidelines and tools
    -  working with the Framework IV Transport Telematics Projects
  • To identify "good practices" in the area of System Architecture
  • To identify the key attributes of Integrated Road Transport Environment (IRTE) architectures and then of Integrated Transport System (ITS) architectures.

This project was completed early 1998 with the publication of the consolidated guidelines for the development and assessment of Intelligent Transport System Architectures.

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