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Driving connected vehicle innovation


The CVPC envisions a world in which wireless vehicle communication improves all aspects of the travel experience, including safety, mobility, environmental impact, and quality of life. The mission of the CVPC is to operate the CVPC as the global center of excellence to accelerate the identification, evaluation, and deployment of connected vehicle solutions.

The three core elements of the CVPC are a network operating center (NOC), a customer-service function, and a connected-vehicle showcase. First, the NOC provides networking portals and Internet backhaul support to a full range of telecommunications pipelines that connect vehicles to the CVPC and to integrated test environments. The NOC is also the home for a comprehensive test and evaluation suite that includes data storage, real-time data access, and analysis tools that provide customers with the applications and professional services for testing and validating connected vehicle systems and components. Second, the CVPC assists with linking its private- and public-sector partners with appropriate equipment and operational environments for testing their connected vehicle products and services. Third, the CVPC serves as a showcase for demonstrating the capabilities of connected-vehicle systems to the VII industry and beyond.


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