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Adaptative and customized speed limits

There is a strong link between accidentology and speed. Nevertheless speed limit signs do not help drivers adapt their speed in case of transient difficulties, e.g. weather-related (fog, icy road) or traffic-related (works, congestion).


DIVAS aims at providing vehicles with individualized safety indicators along a route, taking into account parameters like road geometry, road surface, visibility, weather or traffic, thanks to real time, bidirectional vehicle-infrastructure communications. This ANR (French National Research Agency)-sponsored project (May 2007 - May 2010), is developing an information exchange system (road characteristics database from road operators/real time road data collected by individual cars), while also looking at its deployment aspects, especially in terms of technology, acceptability and credibility.

DIVAS America is a parallel project resulting from collaboration between LCPC (DIVAS coordinator) and US PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) on real-time, safety-critical system(s) which provides information on road surface condition to road users and operators. 



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