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Green ITS technologies


eCoMove is an EC-funded project (FP7) that will create an integrated solution for road transport energy efficiency by developing tools to help drivers sustainably reduce unnecessary fuel consumption (and thus CO2 emissions), and to help road operators manage traffic in the most energy-efficient way, by:

  • optimising routes
  • optimising driver behaviour
  • optimising network management

The eCoMove innovations will target the two sources of this avoidable fuel consumption, private trips and freight/logistics trips, by developing the following applications:

  • ecoSmartDriving to improve driver eco-performances, including: ecoTripPlanning, on trip dynamic green routing, ecoDriving support, ecoPostTrip and ecoMonitoring;
  • ecoDriver Coaching System and in-vehicle Truck eCoNavigation for good vehicle drivers;
  • cooperative ecoFleet Planning and Routing for environmental sound ecoFreight & Logistics;
  • ecoAdaptive Balancing & Control system as well as cooperative Fuel-efficient Motorway system as means for ecoTrafficManagement & Control.

By applying these innovations, enabled by cooperative systems using vehicle-infrastructure communication, the project aims to reduce fuel consumption by 20% overall.


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