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Methodology for field operational tests


The aim of FESTA is to generate a manual of best practice for the design and implementation of Field Operations Tests (FOTs) for stand-alone and cooperative Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems.


Facilitating the coordination of stakeholders' expertise and experience, this EC-funded project will help creating a handbook dealing with the following topics:

  • Environment
  • Circulation
  • Acceptance
  • Safety
  • Data Requirements, storage and analysis
  • Experimental design
  • Scaling up
  • Cost/benefits
  • Critical design and implementation activities based on 'Lessons-learned' in FOTs in Europe, the US, Japan, Australia and elsewhere.

Three work packages will focus on the various ICT functions - Vehicle systems (e.g. collision warning systems), Cooperative systems (e.g. traffic management systems), Nomadic devices (e.g. driver information systems) and deliver for each of these functions:

  • Use cases, scenarios and technologies
  • Analysis of potential benefits and shortcomings
  • Behaviour results and risks for FOT
  • Input and requirements for FOT

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