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Multi-sensorial monitoring system for driver's and road condition


I-WAY is a three-year EC-funded research project that aims to enhance drivers perception on road environment and improve his responses in time critical traffic scenarios by providing real time information from other vehicles in the vicinity and from effectively located roadside equipment as well.


Started in February 2006, the project will develop new and efficient methods for processing multi-sensorial signals based on sensor management and data fusion techniques. The Situation Assessment Module will combine data from the external sources (the roadside equipment and other vehicles) along with the features extracted from the various on-board sensors and with the aid of various intelligent classification techniques will detect hazards and risky situations on the road.


I-WAY's objective is to increase road safety and transport efficiency by supporting drivers with warnings and suggestions about traffic jams, accidents, presence of obstacles, lane deviation, as well as warnings for drivers drowsiness thanks to on car sensors that recognize weather conditions, distance from various types of obstacle on the road, including automobiles, the road shape and the driver's fatigue. Travellers have the chance to vary their route and make their trip more comfortable thanks to an intelligent decision support system that monitors, collects and manages information and communication to the driver. 

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