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Smarter, Safer & Cleaner Vehicles


The Intelligent Car Initiative is a flagship project of the i2010 Initiative and provides the policy framework for the activities in the area of ICT based solutions for smarter, safer and greener road transportion system in Europe.


The Intelligent Car Initiative was established by a European Commission Communication adopted on 15 February 2006 and officially announced at the launching event in Brussels on 23 February 2006. The "Intelligent Car" focuses on both road vehicles and infrastructures with the aim to accelerate significantly the take up and use of advanced ICT-based in-vehicle and co-operative systems by increasing their quality and their demand through extended user awareness, and by facilitating their deployment.

The Intelligent Car Initiative proposes clearly defined actions that encompass the use of policy, research and communications instruments implemented through three pillars: the eSafety Forum, the 7th Research and Development Framework Programme and awareness raising actions. As its second pillar, the Initiative fosters research in Intelligent Vehicle and Co-operative Systems and also helps facilitate the take-up of research results.

The Initiative's scientific activities will be part of the 7th Framework Programme, drawing of course on results achieved under FP5 and 6.


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