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Traffic Simulation Platform for Cooperative ICT Solutions Evaluation

iTETRIS is an EC-funded project of the 7th Framework Programme (duration: July 2008 31 December 2010) aiming to create a global, sustainable and open vehicular communication and traffic simulation platform in order to facilitate a large scale, accurate and multidimensional evaluation of cooperative ICT solutions for mobility management.


Wireless vehicular cooperative systems have been identified as an attractive solution to improve road traffic management, thereby contributing to the European goal of safer, cleaner, and more efficient and sustainable traffic solutions. V2V-V2I communication technologies can improve traffic management through real-time exchange of data among vehicles and with road infrastructure. Routing and data dissemination policies suited to the wireless vehicular environment operational characteristics need to be designed and optimized. It is also of great importance to investigate the adequate combination of V2V and V2I technologies to ensure the continuous and cost-efficient operation of traffic management solutions based on wireless vehicular cooperative solutions. However, to adequately design and optimize these communication protocols and analyze the the true potential benefits of wireless vehicular cooperative systems to improve road traffic management, adequate testbeds and field operational tests need to be conducted.


To this aim, iTETRIS is devoted to the development of advanced tools coupling traffic and wireless communication simulators. This will enable large scale computing analysis and development of adequate protocols and algorithms, overcoming the limitations of current data dissemination and routing proposals; characterized by oversimplistic wireless conditions.


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