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Preventing problems from arising in the first place


The IVSS Programme was set up to stimulate research and development for the road safety of the future. IVSS acts as a forum for new ideas, technologies and IT systems which will help reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries.


Key areas are active safety, preventive solutions and further development of the roadholding and crash safety characteristics of cars and commercial vehicles. Another focus areas is the development of intelligent vehicle and road infrastructure systems, including systems which can improve safety for vulnerable road users.


From a concept based on the interaction between the road user, the infrastructure and the vehicle, IVSS is taking a needs–driven/problem–oriented approach and has identified three key problem areas for avoiding major road accidents:

  1. drivers with reduced capability
  2. driver’s ability to adapt to the current or expected traffic situation
  3. systems' ability to adapt to various accident scenarios with respect to the type of collision and occupants involved

To support these three problem areas, IVSS has identified functions/systems as sensor–rich embedded systems/vision enhancement, communication platforms/standards & digital road maps/infrastructure, and improved predictable error detection and failure tolerant architecture.


IVSS is a unique joint venture by public-sector agencies, private-sector companies and industry organisations. The programme will run up until the end of 2010 and welcome more ideas for suitable projects. For a project to be approved as part of the IVSS Programme, it must be demonstrated that it meets the required criteria in terms of road safety improvement, economic growth and technical solutions which can be successfully commercialised. 

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