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Traffic information broadcast


Mediamobile was created in 1996 and results from a European program for Research and Development of Intelligent Transportation. Subsidiary of TDF and Renault, Mediamobile produces and broadcasts Visionaute’s service in Ile-de-France (Paris’s area).

Visionaute is the first portable navigation device that provides estimated travel times according to the traffic situation. Visionaute receives live traffic information thanks to the RDS / TMC signal of radio waves. Shortly after the launch of Visionaute, Mediamobile decides to use the signal to broadcast its live traffic information to cars embedded with navigation systems. This strategy shows Mediamobile’s desire to expand its activity and broadcast its information as widely as possible. In 1999, Mediamobile and France Telecom develop the first road guide service available on WAP portals. Broadcasted through the hertzian signal, live traffic information is now available on the cell phone networks.


Given the growing demand of all-in-one terminals and PDAs, Mediamobile decides to use the cell phone network to broadcast its traffic information: V-Trafic is available to any navigation system that is linked to a cell phone. Compared to V-Trafic for WAP portals (which provides traffic maps), this system provides raw traffic data to be included in the cell-phone-connected navigation terminal.


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