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New safety- and efficiency-oriented Public and City traffic management


Started in January 2006, this two-year EC-funded project within the 6th Framework Programme aims to improve traffic management in an urban and sub-urban area by:

  • Using public transport vehicles (e.g buses) as elements of a network of mobile sensors, communicating with the infrastructure
  • Setting up co-operation between public traffic management and city traffic management

In the proposed Traffic Management System,

  • Public transport vehicles are equipped with sensors that collect data on the vehicle environment
  • Sensor data are processed locally and in real-time to generate information which are sent to a Public Traffic Management Centre through reliable and cost-efficient radio communications
  • The Public Traffic Management Centre generates decisions that are broadcasted to public transport vehicles and fixed points (like message panels at bus stations)
  • The collected information is also made available to a City Traffic Management Centre to provide an up-to-date picture of the traffic situation
  • The City Traffic Management Centre derives traffic management decisions that are broadcasted to distributed Traffic Control Devices (e.g. Variable Message Sign panels) and to vehicle drivers (via PDA, Internet)

MORYNE will validate the proposed concepts through field-testing with Berlin Buses Authority and analyse the potential social, economic, environmentalimpacts to define further steps.


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