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Interoperable, reliable, and cost-effective DSRC system


In response to imperfect industry conditions, OmniAir was started by those interested in interoperable, reliable, and cost-effective DSRC systems. Today's DSRC technology is based on proprietary protocols that, while functional, result in systems that are not interoperable, and a market that suffers from the shortcomings of closed standards and limited competition. 5.9GHz DSRC technology offers a way out of this situation.

OmniAir's mission is to foster the deployment of interoperable dedicated short-range communication systems through the OmniAir Program. 


The primary goal is to advance the 'next generation' technology into the device, peripheral, integrator and operator markets so that interoperable, standardized systems exist nationally. OmniAir supports the USDOT vision of ubiquitous deployment of seamless DSRC services that save lives and enhance mobility.


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