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A cost effective method of collecting data on traffic in order to create good traveller information


The project was initiated in 2000 to develop a successful and cost effective method of collecting data on traffic in order to create good traveler information. 


The OPTIS project is part of the so called ”Green Car”, which is a joint venture project between the state and the car manufacturers, concerning the development of vehicles with improved environmental qualities (including reductions in emissions resulting from improved traffic information and reduced travel times). 

Objectives of the OPTIS project:

  • Build a server solution for FCD – Floating Car Data and verify it by simulations
  • Perform a field trial and a reference implementation in Gothenburg to verify the simulations
  • Establish an action program for further application

Based on the project report, the OPTIS project hypothesis can be condensed into the following four statements:

  • Infrastructure in the vehicles
  • Free-floating FCD-probes provide totally covering measures
  • FCD is a cost effective means to collect traffic data
  • FCD provide a picture of the traffic status that is commercially attractive to Service Providers

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