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ITS Training for wider User Acceptance and Deployment


SAFETY TECHNOPRO is a 24-month Specific Support Action project funded by the European Commission. This project started in October 2006 and will provide the European end user with reliable, up-to-date and quality information on the safety systems for vehicles and infrastructures and the communication between these.


End-users' opinion being strongly influenced by the professionals (sales persons, repairing technicians and technical inspectors), it is necessary to train them to transmit high quality information on safety technologies, in order to generate in the end user a progressive well understanding and complete acceptance of these systems and technologies.


SAFETY TECHNOPRO will gather through specific questionnaires the opinions, perceptions and habits of the users and the professional bodies involved, in relation to new safety technologies. The collected data will help define training system requirements according to which several training modules will be developed and adapted to the specific professional bodies.

The definition and development of this training system is conceived as a highly efficient way to achieve maximum end-users' acceptance and awareness on new safety technologies for road transport, hence their quicker and wider market deployment.

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