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Technologies and architecture for satellite interactive multimedia IP network and services


During DRIVE II the SATIN (System Architecture and Traffic control INtegration) Task Force was inaugurated on 31 January 1994 in order to extend the work that had begun within the forum of Topic Group 10.


The work included the following items:


* recommendation of a methodology suitable for the preparation of transport telematics architectures, including assessment (optimisation) criteria and safety analysis.
* proposal of a system architecture for the road Integrated Transport Environment that would include all transport telematics services.


The work undertaken by SATIN was limited in time, and therefore in scope, taking contributions from a large number of DRIVE II projects. Its goal was to try and form a consensus on the methodological issues by identifying the good architecture practices developed during the DRIVE II programme. In parallel with the collection and synthesis of results, SATIN also developed a methodology to support the development of transport telematic system architectures.

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