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Field test of car2X communication


The SIM-TD project is a four-year, practical field test to be held in Germany’s Rhine-Main conurbation(in and around the city of Frankfurt) in order to investigate the contribution that can made by intelligent communication systems to improving traffic safety and mobility. 


The purpose of the field test is to equip and network vehicles and the transport infrastructure with communication units. Information will be exchanged via a variant of the WLAN standard optimized for the automotive setting and existing cell phone technologies such as UMTS. Real-time traffic information gained from the vehicles is passed on to equipped vehicles in the area covered and also made available to the traffic control centers. There the information received is evaluated and sent to vehicles that could potentially be affected. All participating motorists thus receive individual information about the traffic situation on the road ahead.


The basic technology for cooperative road traffic systems was created in recent years in smaller research projects. The SIM-TD project is now taking the next logical step by developing these technologies further for use in practical operation and testing the systems in a setting similar to everyday use.


The total funding for the SIM-TD project comes to around 53 million euro, with about 30 million euro of direct project promotional support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project's consortium involves the major interest groups, i.e. the automotive companies, the telecommunication industry, scientists and the public authorities.


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