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Satellite communications for road transport telematics applications


The EC-supported Integrated Project SISTER aims to promote the integration of satellite and terrestrial communications with GALILEO to enable mass market take-up by road transport applications. SISTER will establish how satellite communications can be used as part of the operational implementation of ITS applications, and investigate how the operation of satellite affects the operation of such services. The project will build on and complement the large volume of work already performed in this field in European Space Agency (ESA), EU and GALILEO Joint Undertaking (GJU) projects.


The SISTER project brings together major players in the value chain for road transport telematics applications with key actors in the space infrastructure and service delivery industries and aims at answering key questions such as what kind of applications can be enabled through the satcom or what is the value added of satcom to to support the development of GALILEO commercial applications and services?

The project will cover three streams:

  1. An analytical stream will provide a comprehensive assessment of the full range of GALILEO applications and their communications requirements from both technical and business operations perspectives. Requirements for satellite communications services or new satellite systems will be developed.
  2. A practical stream will produce a prototype integrated satellite / terrestrial / GALILEO transceiver and will perform demonstrations of applications to prove and measure the effectiveness of satellite communications, building upon previous research and development projects.
  3. A standardisation stream will work to add a satellite component to the ISO’s CALM standard and other relevant standards identified during the course of the project.

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