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Cooperative Driving is SPITS!

The SPITS project’s objective is to realise an open, scalable, real-time, distributed, secure, sustainable and affordable platform for cooperative ITS applications, evolving from existing infotainment systems.


To realise the targets set by the Dutch government with respect to mobility in 2020, ITS plays an essential role in minimising traffic congestion, the need for extra road infrastructure and fuel consumption. The Netherlands has a unique set of innovative companies working on solutions that can help to address these problems and at the same time create sustainable value for the Dutch economy: the whole value chain from chips (e.g. NXP, Catena) to consumer products (e.g.TomTom) and professional products (e.g. Peek Traffic, GreenCat) with embedded software (e.g. Logica, TASK24, Fourtress) as well as infrastructure and back offices (e.g. Logica, TomTom); TNO and top universities (e.g. TU Eindhoven, TU Delft, Universiteit Twente and Universiteit Leiden).




These parties now form a unique consortium with the goal to bridge the stalemate between government and industry in creating an infrastructure for cooperative applications.




In order for cooperative systems to have impact, a minimal penetration rate of these systems is crucial, so all partners are convinced that the best strategy to achieve that is using open existing onboard infotainment units sold in the automotive sector for ITS purposes.





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