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In-vehicle and infrastructure sensing technologies


TRACKSS has one strategic goal: developing new systems for cooperative sensing and predicting flow, infrastructure and environmental conditions surrounding traffic, with a view to improve road transport operations safety and efficiency.


We concentrate on the following sensing technologies in the project:

  • On-board vehicle sensors:
    - Ice-detection [CRF];
    - Video-camera with enhanced night vision, lane/road side recognition, detection vulnerable users [BOSCH];
    - Infrared sensor to detect an infrared emitter with vehicle ID [LCPC];
    - Smart dust for in-vehicle applications [UNEW];
    - Electromagnetic sensor for pedestrian detection [TRL];
  • External sensing technologies:
    - In-road inductive loops [ITACA];
    - Laser scanners (for infrastructure) [ITACA];
    - Video cameras for infrastructure [CTL];
    - Smart dust for infrastructure [UNEW];
    - Spaceborne/airborne sensors [DLR];
    - Advanced radar sensor [TRW].

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