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The Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) initiative was launched by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) during the ITS World Congress of Madrid, Spain in November 2003. In early 2005, the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium (VIIC) was formed by a group of light-duty vehicle manufacturers to actively engage in the design, testing and evaluation of a deployable VII system for the US. Last year, the programme was renamed into IntelliDriveSM which focus remains "to develop a networked environment supporting very high speed transactions among vehicles (V2V), and between vehicles and infrastructure components (V2I) or hand held devices (V2D) to enable numerous safety and mobility applications".


IntelliDriveSM tries to develop a deployment model for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) to support safety and non-safety applications over a wireless network. The Federal Communications Commission has dedicated the 5.9 Ghz frequency specifically allocated to transportation-related communications using DSRC based on wireless, Local Area Network (WLAN) technology.


Roadside units (RSU) equipped with the broadband DSRC wireless technology broadcast traffic, safety and other information to passing vehicles, whihc in their turn act as routers to forward information to other vehicles via shortdistance wireless radio connections. Vehicles could serve as data collectors and anonymously transmit traffic and road condition information from every major road within the transportation network. Such data would provide transportation agencies with the information needed to implement active traffic management strategies.


IntelliDriveSM is envisioned to encompass a broader suite of potential technologies and capabilities than the original notion of VII. Technical requirements will be established through an open platform architecture, allowing auto-manufacturers and technology companies to develop innovative on-board safety devices using multiple existing and emerging technologies.


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