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Publication of the European Standard for ITS Communications Architecture

You can download it for free by clicking on the following the link:
ETSI EN 302 665 V1.1.1

This European Standard has been prepared in close cooperation with ISO TC 204 WG16, IEEE P1609, ERTICO as well as with the research projects COMeSafety, CVIS and GeoNet.

CVIS has actively contributed to the standards production process at ISO, too.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most important standards implemented in the CVIS platform that have been published or in the process of publication:

*ISO 21217: ITS architecture (EN 302 665 is a sub-set of this)
*ISO 21215: CALM M5 (based on IEEE 802.11. EN 302 663 (ITS-G5A9 is a subset of this)
*ISO 24102: ITS station management (contains also the important protocols for ITS service advertisement / announcement - harmonized with IEEE)
*ISO 21218: ITS medium layer service access points. The key to connect access technologies to the ITS station upper layers and to the ITS station management.
*ISO 29281: ITS non-IP networking (FAST, ISO 15628 legacy system support) - we are backward compatible!
*ISO 21210: IPv6 in ITS CALM
*ISO 21214: CALM IR (used in the German TollCollect system)
*ISO 21212/21213: Support of cellulare networks in ITS CALM

We thank all contributors for their excellent work!

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