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CVIS pan-European deployment increases

“Test Site Norway” is the primary Norwegian site for testing and validation of new ITS technology, applications and services. The test site includes the main road network in the city of Trondheim and also encompasses:

  • instrumented roads with wireless communication technologies based on CALM, including support for 5.9 GHz vehicle-to-roadside communication;
  • instrumented vehicles for use in project activities and for demonstration;
  • infrastructure with instrumented multi-modal transport network;
  • driving simulator including models and real-time feeds from the road network in Trondheim.

Test Site Norway will consist of 14 street lab stations and 4 rooftop lab stations. The street labs are located from mid-town Trondheim to the intersection with the E6 tangent as shown in the map. The red markers indicate street lab stations, while the blue show the four rooftop lab stations.  As of September 2009, seven were already operational. This large number of labs, coupled with other features of Test Site Norway such as the size of the city and the ease of equipping a significant portion of the vehicle fleet with the necessary equipment, the multi-modality, the environmental conditions and the close cooperation between stakeholders, make Test Site Norway a very useful addition to the existing six CVIS test sites (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands-Belgium, Sweden and UK).


For more information visit the Net Lab website


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