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CVIS Product Launch in Berlin: mission accomplished!

CVIS hosted a successful first live demonstration of its universal platform for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and services on 11 December 2008 in Berlin, Germany. The two-day workshop, featuring presentations* and insightful debates, met huge interest; 140 participants attended the conference and demonstrations at the test site of German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin-Adlershof.
The CVIS project has designed and developed a mobile router with multiple communication interfaces, innovative positioning techniques and supporting services for the development of application software. The project is now preparing for field testing, of which Berlin's demonstration was the early kick-off. 

For the first time in a public demonstration, CVIS was able to present two cars communicating with each other and with the road infrastructure. This first demonstration** showed how a seamless connection can be maintained while hopping between a 3G/UMTS cellular network and short- and medium-range communications based on mobile WLAN. A smooth handover between infrared and 3G cellular communication was also shown. Another demonstration featured enhanced positioning, real-time maps and location referencing. This demo showed high-precision positioning solutions, accurate to less than one metre.




The universal platform developed by the CVIS project is capable of connecting continuously and seamlessly using a wide range of communication media, including mobile cellular and wireless local area networks, short-range microwave or infrared. The CVIS universal platform is a major step towards mature vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and services. Launched in Berlin to potential users beyond the CVIS consortium, this platform will be available for any current or future project needing a development prototype readily adaptable for both V2V and/or V2I applications.


Download the full press release:

The event was also followed with interest by the German and international press. Here is a list of published articles in relation:



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(*) Copies of the conference presentations can be downloaded HERE.

(**) The complete scenarion and contact persons for each demonstration can be found HERE.


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