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Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication

At the recent Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam (1 to 4 April 2008), CVIS partners Peek and Q-Free jointly organised a demonstration of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication based on work from the EC-funded CVIS project.

Visited on average by 25,000 professionals, Intertraffic is the world’s largest and most influential trade event for infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking sectors to present their latest products, services and solutions.



This demo comes after a first live demonstration, by Q-Free, of the CVIS communication platform at Aalborg European ITS Congress last year: early prototypes of a full CVIS Car PC, using CALM M5 based on draft IEEE802.11p and running in proposed European 5.9 GHz, and of the research antenna solution developed in cooperation with SINTEF partner.




The Aalborg demo consisted of a live video transfer with control signal return (interesting application for e.g. road authorities for surveillance in hard-to-reach areas where wireless backhaul is needed).



This Intertraffic demonstration showed how traffic light controllers can exchange data with vehicles through cooperative technology.



A Peek Traffic Light Controller is located at the back of the booth (red cabinet). The controller is connected to the roadside antenna on the left behind the car. 





A Q-Free scale model vehicle is equipped with a webcam in the front of the vehicle and a display at the back. By means of CALM M5 technology, the vehicle and controller are able to exchange information. Images from the webcam are displayed on the TFT screen of the controller continuously.





A sensing mat for detection of pedestrians is also connected to the controller and when the mat is activated, the display at the rear of the vehicle indicates a message: "WARNING: pedestrian".


A similar but improved version of this demonstration will be reproduced at this year's European ITS Congress in Geneva. For further details, please contact Jaap Vreeswijk (Peek Traffic) at


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