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Live demonstrations of Cooperative systems Applications

The first European demonstration of new efficiency services and applications based on cooperative systems technology will be held on 13 May 2009 in Helmond, the Netherlands, and will present some of the most important results from CVIS and SAFESPOT European FP6/7 projects.


The CVIS and SAFESPOT projects are now moving into the testing phase. A series of presentations and live demonstrations will provide a first-hand overview of the core technologies and applications developed within these two research projects:

  • Priority at traffic light according to vehicle properties
  • Rerouting advice based on delays in the network, incidents or environmental constraints
  • Safety collision and vulnerable road user warning
  • Positioning accuracy combined with wrong-way driver warning application
  • Parking zone booking
  • Service announcement (access control to truck-restricted areas) using 5.9 GHz CALM M5 and cellular 3G communication

The demonstrations will take place around the Castle of Helmond, where you will also find a knowledge market and a go-card track. Here, the working of cooperative systems will be explained in great detail by means of live connections with the test site, demonstrations in a controlled environment and demonstration drives in a cooperative traffic playground.


The event also includes a conference programme of interactive sessions where you will learn about cooperative technology namely from European research projects in the field.


Check out the conference draft programme and the registration details HERE.


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