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New colourful foldout CVIS brochure helps put the pieces together

The CVIS project launched a new brochure at the 6th European Congress and Exhibition on ITS in Aalborg, Denmark, which has been a hit with old and young alike!


The 3-fold booklet cleverly depicts some real-life applications and services enabled by CVIS, using colourful puzzle pieces and cartoons. The brochure emphasises the cooperation models between the various actors involved (the traveller, the road and public transport operator and the service provider), and the benefits Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems will offer them.


New networks of always-connected cars, buses and trucks, linked with roadside systems, will make travel and transport safer, more efficient and greener than ever before! Such an innovative idea requires an innovative approach, and the new “puzzle” brochure reflects this. 


CVIS is the central piece that helps you complete the transport puzzle! 


Download a copy of the brochure ()


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Last modification: 04 July 2007


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