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New Deliverables released!

CVIS has just released two new deliverables: Architecture and System Specifications and the project's Validation Plan.


The first document gives a complete overview of all building blocks in the CVIS architecture and provides the integrated CVIS architecture specification based on the architecture specifications developed in the different CVIS Sub-Projects. This deliverable is based on and refers to other architecture specification documents developed in CVIS, in particular the High Level Architecture and the Reference Architecture.


The second document describes the procedure for carrying out the validation task of CVIS. The validation process in CVIS has three main objectives:

  1. Verify that the CVIS technology and applications meet the functional and non-functional requirements as defined in WP2
  2. Show that the CVIS framework is valid, meaning it enables and supports cooperative systems to the satisfaction of all stakeholders
  3. Show that CVIS applications fulfil their promise concerning road efficiency, road safety and environmental impact

In addition, the DEPN sub-project also released their "Draft Guidelines for policy makers" as well as the "Non-technical validation elements" deliverable. Comments about these are welcome as the documents will be updated in the later course of the project. Send your remarks to Mariana Andrade, DEPN Sub-project Leader, at



All these deliverables are downloadable on this website from the Deliverables section of this website.


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