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Launch of results of the CVIS survey

Within the framework of the EuroTEST platform, 8,000 motorists of 12 European countries took part in the Safety-Technopro/CVIS Survey which aimed at analysing the level of knowledge and acceptance of current and future safety systems, applied to the field of motoring.


The report was carried out on the basis of 2 surveys distributed by auto clubs of 12 European countries (Norway, Croatia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Austria and Italy), allowing to assess the level of knowledge and the attitudes of motorists towards present (SafetyTechnoPro) and future e-safety systems (CVIS).


One of the main conclusions of this study of opinion is the urgent need to provide users with information on these applications that offer more safety and therefore a higher chance to save lives in case of a road accident.


Assessment of the future onboard systems


In general terms, the CVIS applications, those that will be fitted into the vehicles in the future, are considered useful or very useful by more than 56% of those surveyed.


Best value

Applications dealing with the travel time and safety are the best valued by European motorists. The top position is held by the system allowing motorists to receive information on the condition of the road as well as incidents (e.g. sharing pictures of the road conditions or creating a database on road conditions). 

The second best valued system is the travel assistance service, allowing motorists to plan their travel routes and to help the traffic control centre to predict possible points of congestion or conflict. This fact has a special significance since 73.8% of the European motorists questioned state that they plan their travels well in advance and that the Cooperative Travel Assistance system (CTA), used as a navigation complement while travelling would be very useful.


Road condition information

Coorperative Travel Assistance system



Italy, Portugal and Croatia are the countries, which are always on top of the list - with figures above 50% - as regards the predisposition to pay for these systems. On the other hand, those surveyed in Switzerland are the less willing to pay for the future e-safety applications proposed in the CVIS project.


Data privacy

One of the conclusions of the study highlights the fact that it is very important to avoid the transmission of personal data as far as possible, and to offer a clear benefit for users in case of not being able to avoid the transmission. 60% of the European drivers are willing to collaborate in order to implement cooperative systems, if these do not involve the exchange of personal data. Switzerland, Germany and Austria are the countries with less acceptance of the new systems, should they violate the privacy of people. 52% of the European citizens would accept being geographically localised, 27% would prefer not to be localised and 20% have a neutral point of view.


The full reports are available as separate downloadable documents in the "Publications" section of this website.



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