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Makewave releases Ubicore 3.5 - remote management of OSGi devices

Ubicore is the central point of control in a connected world, providing the necessary features to provision and remotely manage any OSGi enabled device. OSGi bundle life-cycle management is fully supported.
The Ubicore agent is integrated with the OSGi DMT Admin Service supporting OSGi standardized management protocols OMA-DM and TR-69 (OSGi draft).

Used as stand-alone system with a web-based management interface, or integrated into an existing system or solution through its Web Services interface, OSGi enabled devices like residential gateways, vehicle gateways, industrial equipment can be remotely managed and monitored.

The recently launched Knopflerfish Pro Premium is fully integrated with Ubicore 3.5. Knopflerfish Pro Premium is the premium choice for an OSGi enabled gateway.

When combined with Ubicore 3.5 you have the technology needed to turn your CPE into an OSGi based App Store.

The CVIS after CVIS support package include the CVIS editions of

  • Knopflerfish Pro CVIS SDK - The purpose built version of Knopflerfish Pro for CVIS.
  • Ubicore CVIS HMC - The CVIS Host Management Center (HMC) , enabling remote management of the CVIS Applications running in the CVIS Host.
For more information regarding Ubicore 3.5, contact

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Last modification: 12 January 2011


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