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Real-Time Implementation of a GIS-Based Localization System for Intelligent Vehi



This paper presents a loosely coupled fusion approach that merges GPS data, dead-reckoned sensors, and GIS (geographical information system) data. The GPS latency is compensated for by the DR sensors and the use of an xPPS signal. The fusion of the estimate with the map data is spatial-triggered, while the fusion with the GPS is time-triggered. We present a strategy that relies on pose tracking which is reinitialized when GPS data become incoherent. Particular attention is given to the representation of the road map and to the management of a cache memory for efficiency purposes. We report experiments carried out with our equipped car and a GIS whose characteristics are well adapted to embedded constraints.


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Paper published in EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, Volume 2007, Article ID 39350, Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

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