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car2x Communication Conference

Ulm, Germany
2-3 December 2008


Technical advances in communication systems and protocols as well as in positioning technologies show that the dream of WLAN-based car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications can become reality within the next few years. Vehicles equipped with WLAN-based radio technology use the car2x Communication system to exchange information on their own motion state and possible hazards detected by their onboard sensors with neighboring cars. These early warnings and traffic indicators enable the drivers of the cars to adjust their driving behavior either for safety or comfort reasons.
Get an in-depth knowledge about the state-of-the-art technical solutions, latest developments in Europe and the US and about the change of urban and highway traffic management!



  • standardisation
  • car2infrastructure and car2car
  • security and requirements
  • functions and applications
  • development status, experience, benefits, requirements
  • Field Operation Tests (e.g. SIM-TD, PRE-DRIVE, etc.)

Participation of CVIS

European reserach activities on Car2X Session, 3 December 2008

Creating a technical platform for interoperable cooperative systems & services in Europe: Status of the CVIS project by Peter Christ, ERTICO ITS Europe, Brussels, Belgium

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