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How communication technology can support road traffic management and increase road safety in cities

Prague, Czech Republic

10 March 2010


The training workshop aimed at providing participants with a solid grounding in the basic concepts of cooperative systems, as well as discussing the potential of this technology to address transport challenges at urban and regional levels.


The programme started with sketching the main challenges for traffic management (and road safety) in urban areas (using the Czech Republic as example) and presenting the state-of-the-art ITS solutions to address these. The workshop was mainly addressed at traffic managers, transport planners, and decision makers from local and regional authorities.




Main challenges for urban road traffic management in Central and Eastern European cities – the case of Prague
Doc. Tomáš Tichý, Eltodo

ITS in road traffic management – state-of-the-art in Central and Eastern Europe

Filip Linhart


Introduction to Cooperative Systems – Concept and technology
András Edelmayer, Ramsys


How cooperative systems applications can support urban policy goals for traffic management
Jaap Vreeswijk, Peek 


How cooperative systems can support public transport – ideas from the Bologna test site
Daniela Cocchi, ATC Bologna 


How to make it happen? Scenarios for deployment of cooperative systems
Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO-ITS Europe 


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