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e-CAR ICT challenges for smarter mobility

IBBT, Gent, Belgium

16 March 2010 (Belgian Federation of Telecom Engineers of the EU) promotes the development of and know-how in R&D, technology and trends in the Belgian and pan-European ICT market. 

New challenges are imposed by the ever-growing traffic density, as well as the need for more flexible and economic traffic solutions. Intelligent Transport Systems should result into safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly mobility. Telematics offer an opportunity for new promising information services. This symposium objective is to give an answer to the question of how ICT can contribute to smarter mobility. 

After introducing the European state of the art, the symposium presented the view of different stakeholders: the car industry, telecom network operators, service providers, the traffic management organizations and the technology enabling industry. The strategy and vision of the Flemish Government concluded the symposium.


Participation of CVIS


e-Car: Connecting up the dots by Paul Kompfner, CVIS Co-ordinator


With each new model motor cars are becoming more "e" - electronic, ecological, energy efficient, with ever increasing connectivity. The CVIS architecture for communication and applications is at the heart of the common European architecture for vehicle-infrastructure communication. On political, organizational or commercial perspective side, at ERTICO - ITS Europe we believe that new kinds of partnership will be needed in order that all vehicles will one day be equipped with a harmonised on-board unit for vehicle-infrastructure communication, and that all roadside systems and back-office services will be so interoperable that they can talk with any type of vehicle on the road.


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