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ETSI TC ITS Workshop

ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems

Sophia Antipolis, France
4-6 February 2009

Intelligent Transport Systems intend to add information and communications technology to transport infrastructure and vehicles in an effort to improve the safety, reliability, efficiency and quality of means of transport. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute - ETSI well known from producing standards for fixed telecom, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies has identified the need to support this domain by standardization activities. 


After having worked on ITS standards for more than one year ETSI TC ITS decided to run this workshop in order to provide an overview on what Intelligent Transport Systems are, to present European research activities on ITS and  to present the current standardization work.


Hence, the ETSI TC ITS Workshop intends to cover the following aspects:

What are Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)?
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in place
European Research Projects on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Vehicular Communications
Conformance and interoperability testing
ITS Infrastructure
Strategies for European and worldwide ITS standardization

Participation of CVIS

  • Day 2: THURSDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2009
    This session intends to present research work carried out on Intelligent Transport Systems.
    This should lead to discuss on how these research results could be fed into standardization.

First results from the CVIS tests and validation by Peter Christ, ERTICO - ITS Europe

  • Day 3: FRIDAY   6th   FEBRUARY 2009
    This session intends to focus on the regulatory aspects and on the strategies for international ITS standardization. Although Intelligent Transport Systems are of very global nature the regional regulatory and technical frameworks may differ. Is it required to streamline the regulatory regimes and to harmonize the technical standardization to pave the way for successful global ITS deployment? To which extent and when should this happen? Is it required to dovetail these both domains more significantly?. There should be some answers.

The cooperation between IEEE/P1609/802.11p, ISO/CALM and ETSI TC ITS by Knut Evensen, Q-Free


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