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Communication Technologies for Vehicles: Trends & actual situation

Conferentiecentrum De Montil, Essene, Belgium

14 December 2006


Theme: Vehicle Electronics


Innovation in the vehicle industry will take place in the vehicle itself for one part, and in the vehicle surrounding environment for the other part. In the nearby future, new applications will appear, among which V2V and V2I communication technologies are essential.


Flandersí DRIVE co-organized with IBBT (the Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology) this seminar that gave an understanding and a view of the future applications and communication technologies that are still in a developing stage.


Contact for more information.


Participation of CVIS


Presentation by Paul Kompfner, CVIS Co-ordinator: "The CVIS Project: Connecting the Car & Driver with the Infrastructure" ( download)


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