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The Fully Networked Car

Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland

7-9 March 2007


A major event on the fast moving market of inter-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies organized by the World Standards Cooperation group, at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, one of the world’s leading automotive events.

The event included a workshop from 7 to 9 March 2007, bringing together the key specialists in the field, from top decision makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, etc, to forge standards that will promote innovation and ensure that in-car communication technology moves forward at a rapid pace.


The convergence of telecommunications and information technologies has given rise to a host of automotive applications. These are both fascinating and complex. They have the potential to vastly improve vehicle safety and mobility, while increasing comfort and enjoyment, but they also raise some fundamental questions. What are the right business models in linking the automotive and telecoms sectors? What are the legal and policy constraints? How do we face the technical and engineering challenges? How do we make sure that the right standards are adopted to deal with the complexity of so many electronic components and to allow this market to develop its full potential? These and many other issues were discussed: programme and presentations


Participation of CVIS

Session 5: Cooperative Systems

Moderator: Paul Kompfner (ERTICO, CVIS Co-ordinator)

Session Objectives:

  • Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication, including public communication systems
  • Interoperability between in-car systems and different communication platforms
  • Integration of existing public communication systems into car communication platforms
  • Cooperative applications, including safety


Session on European Approach to Co-operative Systems Architecture


The work in Co-operative Systems in Europe started in 2006 with the launch of three Integrated Projects (CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS) and a number of targeted research projects. This research aims at significant improvements in Mobility and Transport in Europe by offering higher levels of safety to all road users, improving the efficiency of the whole transport system and increasing comfort for all.
The success of Co-operative systems will depend on interoperability of different components. The partners in research and development have to agree upon a common Communications Architecture for Co-operative systems, paving the way to interoperability and standardisation. COMeSafety, a Specific Support Action and the Communications Working Group of the eSafety Forum spearhead Europe's efforts to achieve this ambitious goal.
This session gives an overview on the current status of the work on Co-operative Systems in Europe, concentrating on the approach to the common Communications Architecture and the research challenges.

Chair: Mr. Juhani Jääskeläinen, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission


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