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International ITG conference on Antennas

International ITG conference on Antennas

Arabella Sheraton, Munich, Germany
28-30 March 2007


In a long tradition of national antenna conferences, the International ITG Conference on Antennas offers for the second time a platform for expert discussion on recent developments in antennas and related topics. The Information Technology Society (ITG) deals with all aspects of information technology in industry, administration, teaching, research and science. Its primary aim is to promote the scientific and technical development of information technology and its practical application.

We would like to invite you to share your perspectives in our discussions of antenna applications for future sensor- and telecommunication systems. This conference covers new aspects and results of a number of antenna developments like mobile communications, adaptive and phased array antennas, telemetry applications, traffic and security control, navigation and direction finding systems, TV-broadcast, wave propagation, antenna theory, simulation and measurements.

Accompanying the conference, a technical exhibition will be organized giving the conference participants a good opportunity to get the latest information on the trends and state of commercially available antenna products and technology related to antenna design, production and testing.


Participation of CVIS


Partner SINTEF will present the following paper:

"Double-fed wideband printed monopole antenna"

Abstract: A double-fed printed monopole antenna having a wideband characteristic is presented. The monopole is rectangular in shape and is fed by a 50 ohms two-branch microstrip line. The antenna is designed and prototyped on a FR4 substrate. Both the simulated and measured results for impedance bandwidth are presented together with measured radiation patterns. The impedance bandwidth of the antenna is 2.2 GHz to 7.5 GHz covering all WLAN bands and frequencies in between. The antenna possesses approximately omni-directional radiation properties throughout this bandwidth.  It is easily fabricated using low-cost printed circuit technology. In addition this antenna is mechanically stable and readily Integratable with various mobile and portable devices.


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