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Mobile User Experience conference

Wallacespace, London

2-3 May 2007

MEX is the two day strategy forum for the leading minds in mobile telecoms. At the heart of the conference is a 10 point manifesto for enhancing the mobile user experience. This is a blueprint for delivering better mobile products through a deeper understanding of customer requirements.

Keynote speakers will address topics ranging from graphical interfaces and industrial design to mobile advertising and customer satisfaction, and provoke a series of breakout groups and panel discussions.


The world is gaining embedded intelligence. The mobile industry faces a fundamental user experience challenge to make handsets as effective as communicating with the environment as they are with other humans. The connection of millions of machines to wireless communication networks represents the most significant generational change since the introduction of packet data.


Participation of CVIS


Paul Kompfner, CVIS Co-ordinator, presented the CVIS initiative, bringing user experience thinking into the ongoing research projects on co-operative systems. Connecting mobile devices and vehicles into "co-operative networked world" will change the paradigm of travelling.

What role will mobile devices play in this world? Some possible user experiences will be examined. For example, mobile devices of the future may be more than just a convenience device, and serve as a "personal guard" for alerting you to potential collisions in your vehicle. Unfortunately, many R&D projects tend to be "technology focused" and forget it is the user experience which will sell the technologies in the end.

We would like to learn more about what the user experience community finds interesting about co-operative systems. Imagine having all this connectivity and what kind of innovative applications can be developed...


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