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Telematics For The Environment

Lindholmen, Göteborg, Sweden
28-29 November 2007

"Telematics for the environment" is the title of the 6th annual telematics conference in Göteborg, organized by Telematics Valley, the successful core of the telematics community in West Sweden (the well established meeting place for telematics professionals). 


This year's conference gave relevant background information about the transportation impact on the environment, presented the bold expectations of regions that take lead in environmental initiatives, and some good examples from the telematics industry.


The main topic

The human influence on climate affects us all. Transportation, including personal transportation, is one of the impact areas. Consequently there are opportunities for telematics services to contribute.


Second topic: Traffic Safety

Besides the main topic of environmental issues, the conference also presented the current issues regarding traffic safety. Many safety intiatives rely on wireless communication. Mobile networks and short range solutions are competing.


Participation of CVIS

Day 2.  November 29, 2007

Session 3: Communications for traffic safety




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