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2010 Intelligent Transport Systems Telecommunications

Co-op Inn Kyoto, Japan

9-11 November 2010


This conference aimed to provide leading edge of research and experimental results on ITS service and applications, especially this year is closely related to the ICT technologies that supports green ITS.


  • Policy, Social and Institutional ITS issues

  • ITS applications/services (road, maritime, fluvial, railway, Public transport, air)

  • Green ITS technology (cooperative technology, agent communication technology, green ICT technology on ITS)

  • Naming/addressing, (IPv6 addressing scheme and mobility)

  • Risk management for safety services (system dependability, reliability, security)

  • IP routing, geo-routing, broadcasting for Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs)

  • Mobile IP and Network Mobility in IPv6

  • Protocol conformance testing, interoperability testing and quality assessment.

  • Testing, verification and diagnosis of ITS components and systems

  • Multimedia broadcasting technologies (TPEG, DVB, WiMax, LTE, etc)

  • Modeling and simulation of cooperative systems.

  • ITS Architecture, Interoperability and Standards

  • Medium Access Control Schemes

  • Vehicular Radio Transmission Technologies

  • In-Vehicle, V2V and V2I Communications

  • Sensing Technologies: Radars, Lidars, Sensor Networks

  • (Smart) Antennas and Propagation for ITS

  • UWB

  • Device and Circuit Technologies

  • Cognitive Radio for ITS

  • Multiple Interface Management

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