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 CVIS Final Workshop - Validation & Exploitation

Brussels, 21 May 2010

After four and a half years of successful work, the CVIS project is coming to an end in June 2010. Hereby we would like to invite a wider community to discuss the achieved results, present how they will be exploited and discuss the future of "cooperative vehicle infrastructure systems".

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Large scale demonstrations of CVIS core technology platform and various applications took place in Stockholm (ITS World Congress 2009) and more recently in Amsterdam (Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010).  The validation & exploitation workshop will be the final opportunity to receive in depth explanation about the CVIS platform and potential cooperative services, including a first estimation of their benefits.




During the workshop, there will be short presentations of the main results of the project and an assessment as to what extend the objectives/expectations are met. After each session, there will be joint discussion time about

  • what improvements need to be brought;

  • what further development work is needed;

  • how to bring those results to deployment.


The morning sessions will focus on the core Technologies of the CVIS project, such as communication mechanisms, position and mapping techniques, as well as CVIS middleware functionalities. The afternoon sessions will be dedicated to the achievements of the different test sites, and will explain the objectives and realisations of different applications from a practical viewpoint.


Download the agenda ()

Who should attend


Anyone interested in the technology required for cooperative mobility. By definition, cooperative systems can only be a success by working together!


Why should I attend 

  • To discuss the latest technical outcome not presented in the Amsterdam Showcase and the experience gained from these demonstrations, where 21 applications were running on the same platform.

  • This will be the last chance to contribute to the conclusion, and continuation, of Europe’s flagship project for cooperative mobility

I am interested!


Registration is free of charge. Click HERE to get all practical information and register.

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