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Key Project Results

Within the main blocks of Core Technologies, Cooperative Applications, Test Sites and Deployment Enablers, the CVIS sub-projects will produce the following key results:
  • a multi-channel terminal capable of maintaining a continuous Internet connection over a wide range of carriers, including cellular, mobile Wi-Fi networks, infra-red or short-range microwave channels, ensuring full interoperability in the communication between different makes of vehicle and of traffic management systems;
  • an open architecture connecting in-vehicle and traffic management systems and telematics services at the roadside, that can be easily updated and scaled up to allow implementation for various client and back-end server technologies;
  • techniques for enhanced vehicle positioning and the creation of local dynamic maps, using satellite positioning, radio triangulation and the latest methods for location referencing;
  • extended protocols for vehicle, road and environment monitoring to allow vehicles to share and verify their data with other vehicles or infrastructure nearby, and with a roadside service centre;
  • application design and core software development for:
    • cooperative urban network management, cooperative area destination-based control, cooperative acceleration/deceleration and dynamic bus lanes;
    • enhanced driver awareness and cooperative traveller assistance on inter-urban highways;
    • commercial vehicle parking and loading zones booking and management, monitoring and guidance of hazardous goods and vehicle access control to sensitive areas.
  • deployment enabling toolkit in the form of models, guidelines and recommendations in the areas of openness and interoperability; safe, secure and fault-tolerant design; utility, usability and user acceptance; costs, benefits and business models; risks and liability; cooperative systems as policy tool; and deployment road-maps.


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